To explore underwater sites of historical, environmental and scientific significance, utilizing modern techniques, theories and technology, endeavoring to retrieve such significant data, knowledge and imagery that we will be able to:

  1. Provide new information for ecological and scientific study,
  2. Present evidence to support historical thought,
  3. Further public awareness and knowledge, and
  4. Extrapolate from the roots of legend a new reality.



New Millennium Dive Expeditions [NMDE] was formed in 1999 by several Northern Nevada technical divers wanting to organize and execute a standardized and cohesive team diving approach to specific project/mission type diving.  This approach, already developed by an organization in Florida, gave NMDE the foundation for building its team of exploration divers.  There was much still unknown during the early days but there was great opportunity right in their backyard – Lake Tahoe.  This high-altitude lake held an incredible potential for training and technical exploration; an aquatic environment full of historic content.  With the setting selected, NMDE set out to hone their “team” diving concepts and endeavor to share this dynamic, historic and exciting underwater realm with the world.  Tahoe being historically and scientifically significant would set a stage for technical diving and underwater research prospects that would educate and entertain.

The first couple of years of development led to 1) the formation of a Nevada Non-Profit corporation that is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and 2) the creation of a standardized and cohesive dive team.

With the advancement of skill and education the NMDE team was instrumental in 1) securing the listing of the SS Tahoe as a historic landmark on the USA’s National Register of Historic Places [2004], 2) assisting the National Park Service in the creation of the historic (and now discontinued) B-29 Bomber dive site in Lake Mead [2006], 3) the refinement and development of expeditionary dive procedures and protocols for conducting archaeologically sound dive expeditions in a cold water,  altitude environment, 4) conducting advanced documentation for the SS Tahoe under a National Park Service and Nevada State Historic Preservation grant [2010] and 5) becoming the first volunteer dive team to be assigned to the Federal and State supported scientific research being conducted in Lake Tahoe [2013].

NMDE’s “team” diving approach evolved from an aspiration for quality technical diving education and a demand to be trained in a safe,  skilled, proficient and responsible manner. This high level training provided a sound base for all underwater expedition activities permitting NMDE projects to represent “exploratory technical diving” in a competent and professional manner; motivated to be leading role models for others contemplating expedition diving.  Throughout the past 13 years of focused dedication to the NMDE Mission, NMDE has adopted a very strict diving philosophy and discipline deeply rooted over thousands of dives and countless hours of training by some of the best dive instructors the world over.

As NMDE moves forward, focus will be on the work with the global environmental initiative established by Global Underwater Explorer’s – Project Baseline as the Project Manager for Lake Tahoe,  the deep-water exploration in Tahoe for the SS Tahoe’s sister ships – Meteor and Nevada, the Marian B and someday document and dive the Hester Lake B-24 to bring closure to the families that lost their loved ones in that horrific crash of 1943 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains west of Bishop, California.


This is a visual journey of our organization from its beginning in 1999 to present.

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