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Hello…We are working on this page as you read (December 2013). This will be the launch page for a historical account of NMDE’s work on the SS Tahoe beginning in 1999.  We will also have pages linking to photo galleries of our work and a historical account of other interested parties wanting something to do with the Steamer Tahoe.

Topics to come…

Visit our Historical Website est.  1999 – 2004

State of Nevada Grant, 2010

In May 2010, NMDE was awarded a $5000 Grant by the State Historic Preservation Office.  This grant was funded by the National Park Service’s, Historic Preservation Fund (HPF): of note, this Grant in the  amount of $7500, was awarded to NMDE in 2003 but had to be returned to the State.

This 2010 Grant had a threefold mission:

  1. Create a highly detailed two-dimension map of the wreck site extending out with a radius of 100’,
  2. Create an educational program that could be used by school districts to help support Nevada History and
  3. Produce a 20-30 minute documentary film providing a historical account of the SS Tahoe.

In June of 2011, all three of our goals were completed and we share those with you here:

A written History of…

  • NMDE getting to her in 2002
  • Maintaining of NMDE
  • The Steamer from commissioning to launch to scuttling August 30, 1940

Other neat stuff:

SHPO Film:

A documentary film short, funded by the State of Nevada through the NPS’s HPF Grant in 2010. This work focuses upon a brief history of Lake Tahoe, the SS Tahoe, the events leading up to and including her scuttling on August 29, 1940 along with information that NMDE uncovered during the expedition dives over the past 13 years:

Website links:

These links are websites that we have found over the years regarding some great historical content on the SS Tahoe: