Scientific Research Projects

In September of 2012, NMDE, through the Governor’s Office of the State of Nevada, requested involvement with the existing and future research work being conducted in Lake Tahoe. Year after year we are presented with clarity reports that are showing improvement but those clarity reports are in parts of the lake not utilized by the public. Where we dive, in the Nearshore Zone, the clarity year over year is decreasing. We would like to help find out why this disparity exists.

As a result of our correspondence, the Governor personally requested our involvement, through the Nevada Division of Environmental Research, be considered. It was and in May of 2013, a joint meeting was held at the request of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and upon the conclusion of that meeting, NMDE, via the Project Baseline platform, began its work as the primary civilian volunteer dive organization available to the scientific community doing research within the waters of Lake Tahoe.

Our initial project in this capacity saw NMDE coordinating the first joint research task force in Tahoe between the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, University of Nevada Reno and New Millennium.

Links to our ongoing work with the various entities are below:


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