Mike Soldwisch

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMichael is a senior network engineer with a mid-sized regional credit union.  He has been working in IT support for over 20 years. While he finds his professional work to be challenging and exciting, technical diving is now a major source of personal growth and sense of accomplishment.

Michael is supported in these diving endeavors by a loving and very understanding family.  His love deep cold waters is not necessarily shared by his wife and two teenage daughters, but his six-year-old son has been quoted saying, “I can’t wait until I am all grown up, so I can go swimming with my dad.”

Michael’s dive interests began in 2007 and his training resume includes PADI Divemaster and Master Scuba Diver.  Michael is certified by a number of agency programs, including UTD Tech 1, GUE Fundamental, and IANDT Full Cave Diver.  He is also certified as a DSAT Trimix Diver and has logged dives as deep as 240 ft.

Mike enjoys sharing his diving through underwater videographer.   Some of his videos can be seen in his NMDE Video Page.