NMDE Team Training Scooter Dive on Doris’s Deep

Observation Date: 9 April, 2011
Dive Team Members: Martin McClellan and Mike Soldwisch
Begin Time: 09:30 End Time: 10:30

Weather Conditions: Cloudy – Cold 23F @ 08:00 
    Wind Direction : SSW Speed: 5-10 Duration: Began about 10:00

Water Conditions  
    Surface Wind Ripples
    Last 24 hrs: Freak Spring Winter Storm with Snow
    Temperature: Surface- 43F At Depth- 43F
    Visibility: Vertical- N/A Horizontal- 50+
    Current: Direction- N/A Speed- N/A

Animal & Plant Life  
    Fin Fish Small Minnows under rocks – Schools of 20 – 30
       Copepod Non-existent in the water collumn from surface to depth
    Invasive Species None encountered
       Mysis Shrimp Non-existent on bottom from surface to depth

Team Observations/Comments: Team scooter training dive.  Approximately 20 students were in classes with 2-3 different instructors from various dive centers from Northern Nevada and California.  We dove to a maximum depth of 78 feet for a total run time of 60 minutes.  Covering close to 4000 linear feet along the bottom.  Doris’s deep begins about 2000 linear feet from Divers Cove on a bearing of about 230-240.  Ambient light was dim due to clouds.  Lake was calm upon arrival but developed wind ripples upon departure.  Animal life was minimal and hiding as usual this time of year.  Visibility was close to 50′ as the water conditions were stable.