NMDE/Project Baseline: Tahoe, 14 May 2014 – Patton Beach, CA

New Millennium Divers Parker and Martin M. were able to take an early out from work on this Wednesday afternoon and assess the Patton Beach station.  Conditions were superb, flat water, minimal boat activity, sunny and in the mid 70’s.  Previous weather patterns have been calm.

The animal life was scarce with the exception of crayfish feeding on recently discarded fish carcasses from the local sport fishing operations at the nearby marina.  The presence of Diaptomus and Mysis Shrimp were non existant – a stark contrast from our January 1, 2014 dive.  The lake was very calm and clear.

Project Baseline Statistics
Depth: 35′ per benchmark gauge – 30′ and 32′ per digital gauges on divers
Visibility:  50-60 feet on the near side of 50
Temperature:  50F on all gauges