Peter Fulks

Peter Fulks bio pagePeter was born in northern California, and through his elementary years, was land-locked but active in nature exploration of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Except for the occasional family beach trip, he was primarily exposed to water through competitive swimming from age 5 through NCAA. He was first exposed to scuba diving at the age of 11, when his parents decided to spend their entire summer on Catalina Island working for a rustic fellowship camp. Peter was too young to get certified in SCUBA that summer, so he sought a freediving certification until the next summer when he was finally able to take his first breaths underwater. Spending the next five summers at that camp, living feet from the beautiful Pacific Ocean, immersing himself in the environment and analyzing the ecosystem, Peter found a new best friend within the underwater world.

Being a child of two biology professors had many benefits: much of Peter’s scientific education came from home and “enduro-cations” (the Fulks family version of a vacation); lessons came in the form of hands on study in the field and auditing countless college courses as a “student” during the summers. His passion for science continued into his academic years, where he studied Chemistry and Criminal Justice. Understanding the biological and chemical sciences behind what he would observe underwater allowed him to enjoy and to take action appropriately regarding the environment.

Peter’s involvement with project based diving began in the early months of 2010. He has been able to explore and protect many areas that are not commonly dove.  Areas such as near shore reefs, harbors, restricted marine protected areas, in addition to some of the most loved dive sites like the Coronado Islands near San Diego and Lake Tahoe.

With an ongoing focus upon educating himself to the environment and needs of the ecosystem that is in his backyard. Peter found success in these projects by offering his skills as a cinematographer, both above and below the water. Luckily, he is not alone. Peter’s brother Trevor is his primary dive teammate and together they formed Partial Pressure Productions, LLC. 

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