Writer and creator of the term, “Tech Diving”, Michael Menduno has written an article for X-Ray Magazine’s Issue #80 about New Millennium Dive Expeditions SS Tahoe project. Says Mr. Menduno, “they’re diving deep (470 ffw/144 mfw) at altitude (6229 f/1899 m) in cold 39°F/4°C water”.  As dive physiologist Dr. Neal Pollack put it, “They [the divers] need to realize that they won’t be in Kansas anymore.”

It is not common knowledge but…. the SS Tahoe is the second deepest wreck dive ever completed in the USA, the 10th deepest wreck dive in the world and is the deepest shipwreck dive at a high altitude!

Check out Michael’s article at this link:

Pushing the Altitude – The Quest to Document the SS Tahoe


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