Wendy Wangberg

wendy bio 150x150Wendy Wangberg has been married to Jim since July of 2004 and has a darling daughter, Anna, born in June of 2007. She has already started to pass on her love of the water to her daughter, who already enjoys swimming and blowing bubbles.

Wendy has a degree in Management from BentleyCollege and works as an Office Manager for The Advantage Group and volunteers as the  Director for the Reno Chapter of HOPE worldwide, a faith-based benevolent organization serving the poor and needy in the greater Reno area.

In the Spring of 1998, Wendy, NMDE’s Secretary, moved to Reno, NV and decided to learn how to SCUBA dive. She did not know what she was in for nor did she know how much she would love the underwater realm. It has been an amazing adventure since that first class.

The best part of her adventure began in 2001 during a trip to Akumal , Mexico , where Wendy began to “grow up” as a diver. She truly learned to not only work as a team, but to also be responsible for her own equipment, practice and training. This Cave Diving training was the best thing she ever did. Whether in a cave or not, when doing technical dives where decompression is necessary, understanding the “overhead” environment completely made it all “come together” by doing this training. She continued to go back to Akumal for more training each year and obtained her technical cave certification.

She has been on a hiatus from diving since November of 2005 to start a family, but has remained actively involved with NMDE out of the water. “Being part of a team that not only is involved in a great adventure, but also is focusing on education and preservation of history is such an honor.”