NMDE Team Dive – Assess wood debris above SS Tahoe Site

Observation Date: 24 July, 2011
Dive Team Members: Briseno, McClellan, Parker
Begin Time:10:00 End Time:11:45

Weather Conditions: Clear, Calm, mid 70’s
Wind Direction : N/A Speed: N/A Duration: N/A

Water Conditions
Surface Flat
Last 24 hrs: Flat, Calm
Temperature: Surface-65F At Depth-48F
Visibility: Vertical-20′ minus Horizontal-30′ minus [0-40 ] 30′ plus [40-105]
Current: Direction-N/A Speed-N/A
Site Depth Benchmark reading: 26 ffw [Taken at the 20′ benchmark]

Animal & Plant Life
Fin Fish Description : N/A Quantity: 0
Copepod Est. Density: Extremely High
Invasive Species Mysis Shrimp – Density highest between 50 and 80 feet
Mysis Shrimp Est. Density: Medium

Team Observations/Comments: The team in preparation for several mapping dives forthcoming during August and September, took this dive opportunity to assess the newly discovered lumber debris field between 70 and 120′. This lumber pile is very extensive and is of cut timber, milled lumber and discarded logs from the buildings on the Glenbrook Shore during the 1850 – early 1900’s time period. Upon initial assessment, this lumber debris field begins somewhat above the SS Tahoe in an area estimated to be in an area of about 4 acres. It is unique as there is no other lumber debris of this quantity this far from the inside coordinates of Glenbrook Bay. This debris field is approximately in line with Deadmans Point. We will continue to explore this area for a more exact interpretation of its significance. Our dive utilized scooters, travel stages and back gas – 32% EAN with a run time of 93 minutes to a maximum depth of 105′ – average depth was 34′. We did some maintenance work on our 20′ decompression station and secured an additional auger as an anchor point for support boat.