NMDE Cave Diving Training

Observation Date: 27 October, 2011
Dive Team Members: Steve Parker – Martin McClellan
Begin Time: 2:25pm End Time: 4:45pm

Weather Conditions: Clear Sunny Day – mid 50s
Wind Direction : N/A Speed: N/A Duration: N/A

Water Conditions
Surface Absolutely Flat – Mirror calm
Last 24 hrs: No wind, No storms, Low temperatures in the high 2o’s
Temperature: Surface- 55 – 58 At Depth- 44 – 46, Thermocline at 100 to 50
Visibility: Vertical-35 Horizontal- 50+
Current: Direction-N/A Speed- N/A
Site Depth Benchmark reading: 22 ffw

Animal & Plant Life
Fin Fish Description : Trout, Minnows, Macinaw Quantity: 100+
Copepod Est. Density: None Present
Invasive Species Mysis Shrimp
Mysis Shrimp Est. Density: Low – less than 10 seen

Team Observations/Comments: Today’s dive was training for NMDE expedition cave diving in Akumal during November of 2011. The dive took us to 171 feet where the visibility was below 30′ horizontal and the water temp was 44. The observance of Mysis and Copepod were non existant and the brownish algae in the mid water column was non-existent. The visibility deep seemed to be silt suspended like a cloud although we could not figure out where it came from. We saw several trout on the deep wall between 120 and 160 and then saw two macinaw a very rare sight at approximately 50-60 and then back in close to the beach at 45 feet we saw the largest school of small fin fish ever, over 1000 fish was our estimate. Dive was 175 feet for 90 minutes with a combined deco of 50 minutes due to scooter distance. Divers were approximately 1 mile off shore.