Project Baseline, Hurricane Bay, Tahoe October 13, 2012

Observation Date: 13 October, 2012
Dive Team Members: Mike Soldswich, Marc Briseno,  Martin McClellan
Begin Time: 10:45am End Time:11:55am        Bottom Time: 50min

Weather Conditions: Clear Calm 58f
    Wind Direction : n/a Speed: n/a Duration: n/a

Water Conditions  
    Surface Flat Calm with some small surface ripples – Boat Wake present
    Last 24 hrs: Calm with no wind
    Temperature: Surface- 66f
At Depth- 62 Site Gauge- 62    Diver Gauge- 62
    Visibility: Vertical- 30 minus      Horizontal- 20 – 30ft
    Current: Direction-N?A Speed-N/A
    Site Depth Benchmark reading (Per the site gauge): 62 ffw
    Dive Team Gauge:  #1– 59 ffw     #2– 60ffw

Animal & Plant Life  
    Fin Fish Description : Lahotan Shiners Quantity: large schools 100+
       Copepod Est. Density: Low 
    Invasive Species None Present
       Mysis Shrimp Est. Density: Low

Team Observations/Comments: Today, NMDE divers established the PBTahoe site in Hurricane Bay at the site of the Alley Cat, a 30+ foot sail boat that sank some 10 years ago.  We also cleaned off a 1 meter square area of the Alley Cat’s hull from algae and debris and took some photos of the Hurricane Bay site under water.  Following the set-up of the site depth/temperature/visibility metering devices, we scootered south along the 40 – 60 foot contour and noticed a very active crayfish community, many shiners but did not see any trout, suckers, or other fin fish.  We failed to notice copepod or mysis shrimp but that said, there was probably a very small population however I personally saw the biggest Paiute Sculpin I have ever seen.  Crusing the contours at between 40 and 60 feet provided no improvement in the 20 – 30 foot visibility.

PB Tahoe stats:
Depth: 62 feet
Temp: 62f
Visibility: 20-30 feet