Project Baseline Tahoe Community Report

Observation Date: 14 October, 2012
Dive Team Members: xx
Begin Time:xx End Time:xx        Bottom Time: xx

Weather Conditions: clear
    Wind Direction : N/A   Speed: N/A  Duration: N/A

Water Conditions  
    Surface flat
    Last 24 hrs: Calm
    Temperature: Surface- 68
At Depth- Site Gauge- xx    Diver Gauge- xx
    Visibility: Vertical-xx      Horizontal- 50 +
    Current: Direction-N/A  Speed- N/A
    Site Depth Benchmark reading (Per the site gauge): 22 ffw
    Dive Team Gauge:  #1– 19 ffw     #2– 21ffw

Animal & Plant Life  
    Fin Fish Very populas Shiners, Suckers, Dace and Trout
       Copepod Est. Density: Low
    Invasive Species N/A
       Mysis Shrimp Est. Density: Low

Team Observations/Comments: Today the Project Baseline Staff, tabled at Sand Harbor and discussed with over 50 divers the efforts going on in Tahoe.  It was extremely productive and we had several divers report that our depth benchmark was still at 22′, their gauges varied by plus or minus 2 feet, temp was 68 on our depth benchmark and that the visibility was at or better than 50 feet during the first dive.  This was an abnormally warm, calm October day surrounded by some rain storms earlier in the week but for the most part, very calm atmosphere from Thursday thru this day which was Sunday.