Recreational Divers visit the Hurricane Bay Project Baseline: Tahoe site

Divers Brian P. and Mike S. (the latter a member of NMDE) took the opportunity to visit Tahoe for a day of diving in the face of inferior weather on the Monterey Bay (their original planned dive site).   

This is a perfect example of how divers enjoying a dive can contribute to the Project Baseline: Tahoe effort.  In a 60 minute dive, gathering the stats below took less than 5 minutes but the magnitude of this contribution is huge in terms of value to the study and understanding of Tahoe’s nearshore water clarity. 

Thanks Divers Brian and Mike! 

PBTahoe Stats:
Depth: N/A feet
Temp: 49f
Visibility: 30-40 feet

 The above image of Project Baseline: Tahoe’s visibility markers.
At the Hurricane Bay site they eminate southward from the main benchmark at ~60 feet. 
The benchmark is next to the wreck of the Alley Cat (Top image below). 

Lahontan Redside Shiners –
To see a diagram of Tahoe’s fish species – Click Here 
Photos Courtesy of Michael Soldwisch – Member NMDE